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seals project – time-referenced
For the one-year project "365+1 Seals", Sabine Schellhorn draws a new seal every day throughout the year. These she cuts in lino and prints. The resulting collection of seals, one assigned to each day of the (leap) year, provides a wellspring for improvisation of large-format linocuts and seal combinations.

365 + 1 SEAL one-year project | 250  x 400 cm

seals project – place-referenced

An example is found in the correspondence with spaces at the Industrial Museum Rheinpreussen,
Shaft 4. The "Heart Seals" family
is created there. The ornamentation of the floor is reordered, and fragments arranged in new patterns, cut in artificial turf. The heart seals are formed on the rotation principle, referencing the conveyor wheels of the industrial museum.


  Hearts Rotating 1 | 2010 | carpet cut | 300 x 300 cm    


seals project – theme-referenced Galerie Ohse in Bremen shows late modern to contemporary artistic positions in its exhibition "Cross + Crucifixion", for which 12 new cross-shaped seals were cut in stratifications of luminescent paper. The perfect uniformity of the crosses in all four directions emphasizes the suspension of gravity. The symbolism of the numbers three, four, twelve plus one comes into play both here and in the projection of these 12 “Light Cross Seals“ in 42 manifestations.

Cross Seals Stratifications | 2011 | luminescent paper cut | each 30 x 30 cm