Sabine Schellhorn further art projects:

Further art projects by Sabine Schellhorns are
Combi-Nations, Life Pattern and Leave Behind.

Again in these projects she constructs new mappings and combinations out of existing systems...

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The project Combi-Nations is about the question: which borders are necessary or needful between human beings and countries? While mixing the symbols of countries Sabine Schellhorn sketches possibilities of new togetherness.


Combi-Nations at the exhibition fluchtzeiten Bremen 1997 | foil cut



Lithuania / Zambia • Ireland / Moldova
Bahamas / Kazakhstan • Bangladesh / Lesotho, 1999–2006
digital drawing | variable

Life Pattern

"Life pattern" records personal outer and inner shadows. In confrontation with our own shadow we sketch a new life pattern.


drawing shadows and confrontation: control, fear of loss, noise, jealousy|
digital drawing | variable



  New Life Pattern: nature, pleasure, silence, love | digital drawing | various    

Leave behind

"Leave behind" keeps a photographic record of traces of human beings and their lives, sometimes with poetic character. While considering you can find your own story about them or construct a new context...






Leave behind series| 2004 - 2006 | photos